Planning to create your own corner on the internet for your business brand or for yourself? You don’t have to crack your head over knowing scripting to create one or spend money on a web designer. There are plenty of resources which can help you create your own website.

1.      Wix

If you are looking to build your first Flash website, Wix is what you want. The site has a powerful and fluid feel, allowing you to come up with whatever you imagine. This is definitely a neat way to create a Flash site.

2.      Google Sites

As always, Google has its hands in all pieces of the pie and in this one too. This is one of the simplest ways to create your website, while easily integrating Google features such as Docs, Google Calendar, etc.

3.      Jimdo

This is one of the more recent website builders on the net. It is clean and easy to use, allowing you to create your URL and adds a custom design.

4.      Squidoo

With the amount of features offered on Squidoo, it could easily become your favourite website builder. You can get page ranking, Amazon product links, Facebook and Twitter Button and more.

5.      Wetpaint

This is where you go if you want to create your own wiki. It’s very easy to edit, delete and add content.

6.      HubPages

HubPages is quite similar to Squidoo. In addition to the many features, you can earn money by adding Adsense. You can add features for review and ratings. HubPages is really popular among the online writing community.

7.      Let’s Eat

As an aspiring cook, you may be looking to set your own website. Let’s Eat is the just website builder you need. It’s easy to put your restaurant online through this, giving the menu, timings, locations, etc.

8.      SnapPages

This is another simple way to create your website. It utilises the drag and drop website creation service a lot. You can easily position your website features the way you want on SnapPages.

9.      Moonfruit

Moonfruit offers up many designs. However, the website builder has a very powerful customisation feature allowing you to change every part of any design you select.

10.  Weebly

Weebly is another website builder which uses a drag and drop feature. Creating your website using Weebly means that it will be mobile friendly too.

11.  Webnode

This is a portal that is fantastic for creating a simple e-commerce website. You gain access to many templates. Webnode comes in over 20 languages.

12.  Gogofrog

If you are looking for a website builder with 3D capabilities, Gogofrog is it. You can play around with various animation figures and add them to your site.

13.  Jigsy

Jigsy is pretty easy to use, offering very responsive templates. Whether you want to create a blog, website or ecommerce site, you can whip one up on Jigsy.

14.  Devhub

Devhub makes creating your own website a fun process. You can pull in a variety of features from social media, content editing, money making tools and more.

15.  Webstarts

This is simple site which can get your own domain name and create a website. They have a quick and simple way of website creation and design which is reliable.