Mistakes, we all make them, but mistakes are all it takes to cause irreparable damage to your brand. Just like prevention is better than cure, it is better that you are aware of the most common internet marketing mistakes, so you can avoid them. Hence it is wise that you’ve decided to read this article.

1.      Poor Website Design
There is nothing that disgusts an internet user than a website with no aesthetics and no organization. It is important to have a well designed website because that will be the forefront of your brand name. Make sure the website is easy to view and navigate using a computer, phone or tablet.
2.      Self Hosted Blog
When you have a blog hosted by Google Blogger or WordPress (with your URL ending with blogspot.com or wordpress.com), customers automatically don’t take your brand seriously. It is considered unprofessional and limits your growth. As a business, customers expect you to be paying for your own blog. You must buy your own domain name and host your own blog.
3.      Wrong Advertising and Wrong Audience
A lot of businesses waste time and money advertising and trying to grab the attention of customers. Often, the content of the advertisement does not connect with the audience or you are talking to the wrong audience. Hence, it is important that you research, find the correct audience and frame the correct content to reach out to them.
4.      Desperate Marketing
Flick through many internet advertisements and take a look for yourself. Many of them look desperate, begging for the audience’s attention. You’ve got to make sure that it does not happen to your ads. At times, you may have a fiery internet marketing idea, make sure it is executed properly.
5.      Doing Nothing
Believe it or not, but many entrepreneurs set up websites and internet pages and then, do nothing. You must learn how to build your traffic or followers, one customer at a time. There are so many options to follow once you set up your own blog or website such as SEO optimization, constantly posting content, integrating it with social media networks. Research and pick one, don’t be idle.
6.      Not Aware of Competition
Understand that you are not the only fish in the sea and there are always bigger fish. There are plenty of other brands and bigger brands that offer the same product or services as you. Find out who they are, learn their marketing strategies, counter them and you too can become a big fish in the sea.
7.      Not Building a List
You need to build a substantial database of all the customers you are dealing with, online and offline. You need to have all their contact details such as email, blog links, social links, etc. This will come very handy in your marketing strategies and customer service.
8.      Not Following Up
You cannot fail to follow up with customers, whether it is through phone, email or social networks. It is only through follow ups that you can build relationships with them.
9.      Not Using an Analytics Tool
From the moment you start your website, blog or social media page, use an analytical tool so you keep track of the effect you are having on the internet. With analytical tools, you can be aware of what customers are saying about your brand through the internet.
10.  Stuck in Education Mode
At some point in time, you are going to have a sufficient amount of followers. This is the time you need to stop having a marketing strategy which is focused on educating customers and creating awareness of your brand. At this time, you should change to a marketing strategy which communicates with and retains them.