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There is plenty of advice out there on the internet and through consultants that will tell you how to improve your SEO ranking and get more traffic. However, it is easy to get carried away in the fevor of ranking and ignore the integrity of the site. If you want to keep your ranking up with Google’s new updates, there are some SEO mistakes that you should avoid making.

  1. Over-doing the Keywords

If you want to create more content, don’t stuff keywords in your text by finding new ways of saying the same thing. This does not help to boost your rankings and might even attract Google’s attention who will bring down the proverbial SEO-hammer-of-doom on your site.

2. Bad Link Building

Do not accumulate links that no longer point to its intended destination because they are an inconvenience to visitors and will earn you a bad reputation.

3. Plagiarism

Create original content instead of ripping off relevant content from another site. If you are copying bits, make sure you credit the original source to avoid backlashes.

4Duplicating Content from your site

Be careful to not duplicate content within your own site, this is common when you have several pages listing the same set of products. It puts the search engine at a loss about which page to retrieve and lower rankings.

5. Not Providing Credible Links

When building up on sharing links, make sure that you link back to a credible and reputable source in the industry. Although finding quality sites will be difficult, it should not substitute quantity. A single link from an authoritative source is worth more than hundreds from low quality source.

6. Too much Focus on Meta-Keywords

Meta keywords no longer have the same impact on SEO as they used to do before. In absence of that, they are now an easy way to publicize your digital strategy to your rivals who can easily use your keywords to divert traffic to their site.

7. Not measuring your site’s Traffic

Don’t neglect analytical tools that can help you measure which parts of your site is working well and which keywords need to optimized. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools help you to analyze your website’s data in detail and to reassess your marketing objectives.

8. Lack of Relevant Keywords

Try to be specific when tailoring your website for keyword traffic. You need to make sure you use the keywords that people actually search with, and use them populously in your pages in a way that it matches the content. Do not use broad keywords, as even though they may bring in more traffic, not much of that converts to business.

9. Avoiding Search Engine Crawlers

The most basic mistake you can make is to make your content difficult for a search engine crawler to find. In that case, Google won’t be able to index it and thus, it will not be ranked.

10. Bad Hyperlinks

Don’t ignore phrasing of anchor text as crawlers use these hyperlinks to indicate the theme of the page and rank them. Creating clever phrases with keywords ensure good ranking.

Even though this list is not exhaustive, it lists some of the most common mistakes. Terrible SEO tactics can contribute to poor user experience and lower your SERP rankings.