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Ep 167 of  Business Growth School for service providers

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Last Episode # 166 👩‍💻 👨‍💼 How can you get anyone’s email address?


Re-purposing content or using same content and gaining likes, engagement, clicks, traffic etc….what does it mean?

Here is an example

Create content for email list > Repurpose resonant talking point from email into unique, shorter blog post (or vice versa) > Buffer different talking points for Twitter > Repurpose again for (if applicable) > Repurpose once again for Instagram update (where I visually convey the idea).


And similarly, what we do for Business Growth School Podcast:

Publish podcast > Repurpose resonant talking point and create email for list > Repurpose into shorter, unique post for and embed/link back to original podcast episode > Buffer for Twitter > Instagram.



Examples of successful content repurpose campaigns:

Eugene Cheng earned over 100,000 subscribers on Slideshare by repurposing his blogs into slideshows

Benjamin Hardy was able to earn over 20,000 subscribers from Medium in less then 6 months.

This is the foundation of an effective content workflow and it is very important. It is the glue to help you leverage the content you create and amplify reach and value without reinventing the wheel each time you hit publish.

Here is a process to follow: 
1: Create a blog post
2: From that post create a PDF (downloadable)
3: Create a slide deck and share it on Slideshare
4: Create that slideshow into an infographic
5: Turn that infographic into a video graphic
6: Turn your post into a video
7: Turn your post into a podcast
8: Turn your post into bite size social media updates
9: Turn your post into Facebook Live
10: Turn your post into a webinar or a live event
11: Publish that post on medium and other blogging platforms

Repurposing content is a powerful marketing technique you can use to:

Multiply the reach of successful content
Give a second chance to content that didn’t perform great
Engage readers with the content formats they enjoy the most


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