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Get more leads for your firm or practice website by doing these 7 A/B tests

A/B testing is possibly the door-way to successfully converting more visitors into potential customers for your firm or practice. Each and every element…
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Professional Firms and Practices: 7 Reasons your business should be on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can help your business in innumerable ways: Professional Social Media Platform Currently, LinkedIn does not have any competition - it is the…
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Lead Generation for Firms & Practices: Gmail plugins to get more leads and sales

If you are anything like me, you access your business email through the Gmail client. The online application from Google, is without a…
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Law Firm Marketing: How to convert visitors to potential files

Once your law firm has a website, it is going to get visitors and traffic if it is optimized. This could be through social…
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Instagram 101: Making your brand’s presence felt on Instagram

Is your business on Instagram? Instagram is a social media platform solely built for photo-sharing, which is also expanding to video-sharing. The biggest…
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Online Marketing Audit

What's Your Website Audit Score? Enter the URL of any landing page or blog article and see how optimized it is for one…
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Ali’s Calender

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Email mistakes your firm or practice is making without even knowing

Email marketing can be a very powerful marketing medium if used right. It’s far from dead and it would be advantageous to use…
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