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What are Landing Pages and How they Can Help You Convert Better?

If you don’t use landing pages, you ought to. A landing page can make all the difference, whether you are running an SEO or PPC campaign. Now, now, I know what you’re thinking – What the heck is a landing page? And, how can it help me? One thing that I can tell you (one…

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5 SEO Myths That You Actually Believe!

As a kick-ass SEO ninja (Aeeeehya!), I go about helping startups, small businesses, and even a few giant (but humbled) corporates improve their online presence. Like any professional, I sometimes have to deal with ignorant myths, rumors and assumptions that shouldn’t even exist. It’s a hard job convincing people that SEO is not some black…

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You think just having a blog will give you better SEO? Think again!

Blogging is the best way to keep having fresh content on your website. You can’t really be putting a new page on a service or product every week. If you do so, your website will land up offering too many services to customers and confuse them. Furthermore, do you want to be coming up with…

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Why Brick and Mortar Stores Need to Think About Mobile Payment Too

First everyone paid in coins, then cash notes, and now with cards, and that’s where pretty much the payment technology has got stuck. The arrival of smartphones could possibly change the way customers make payments at stores. Take a look at your own smartphone. It contains the most intrinsic details about your life – personal…