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Improve keyword spread of your e-commerce website

As an e-commerce website, usually you have many or multiple products listed on your site. You need customers and potential customers to find…
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User behavior data and search engine’s relation

If I were to define user behavior in simple words, I would say – it is the way users interact with your website.…
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How to make your blog local

How many times have you seen an executive being snubbed for proposing something simple yet effective? If you are working from Edmonton, but…
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Local Search marketing tips that will make a difference

When you want to get your website out on the first page of a search results page, you have to leverage all the…
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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!
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How to hide your under construction website from Search Engines?

Crawler bots are like the viruses of the world, they grow and spread of their own accord, and they index whichever website links…
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Why local SEO will crush your competitors

In the local market, there are many players vying for the customers' attention. Some jump up and down, while some put up flashy…
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8 local SEO strategies for small businesses to implement right away!

All of us know the importance of SEO for small players and the need for it. In the sea like market, there are…
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