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Why content marketing is important for online marketing success

When over 90% of Canadians search on Google and Bing they look for credible and reliable information. Also, Google and Bing rank original content higher which provides good value to it’s searchers. Canadians want to read and probe before they want to make a buying decision. In the early awareness stage potential customers look for information which…

CTR stats

1 position on search results get over 1/3 of total keyword traffic

Ranking on Google and Bing only matters when it is bringing you qualified traffic and you are converting those prospects into customers. Click through rates, conversions etc. are all important KPI’s you need to be aware of. Here is an infographic to help you understand why being on the first page is so important to…

content marketing stats

2014 Content Marketing Statistics

Content is # 1 organic traffic driver and it is becoming more important as over 90% of North Americans search online before they buy a product or a service. Good quality content can be a great lead generation tool for small and medium sized businesses. in 2014/15 businesses are looking to spend more on content…

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Call Tracking adds a vital metric to your SEO reporting

Have you ever thought of getting metrics on the phone calls you get? Most businesses don’t think about it or even know it is possible. Call tacking gives you big insights into your audience and tell you if your SEO and online ads are converting.   What does Call Tracking Do? You are plastering ads…

6 Elements to make the elusive 1-9th of

6 Elements to make the elusive 1/9th of the Blog World

There is an ocean of blogs out there. Everyone from the man in the arctic to the business tycoon has a blog. Blogs out there offer all kinds of content – experiences, expertise, information, insights and interesting reads. However, the blogging world is like an iceberg. Only 1/9th is discovered and you have to make sure…

Google+ and SEO

Best ways to win SEO through organic methods + Google+ Infographic

Every new update by Google, Bing and the other big search engines points to one major thing and that is – organic SEO is the best way get their attention. Search engines have grown smarter and they don’t want information to be forced onto the user. Rather, they want information that answers the query SEO…

Website Optimization rules

12 Ultimate Link-Building Guidelines + Website Conversion Infographic

There is so much misunderstanding about link-building in the marketing world. Some so-called experts force an article to have hyperlinks (sometimes leading to irrelevant links), while some content is completely devoid of any links. Who do you listen to? Link-building is an important part of improving SEO and it continues to be so. If Google’s…

SEO Puzzle Solved

The SEO Puzzle Solved – Infographic

In this infographic we want to help those who want to execute basic SEO strategies on their website. This will outline major areas you need to focus on and make sure these things are implemented properly in order to see results and rankings from search engines. These are few important KPI’s which will determine your website’s…