SEO Software for tracking

Tools we use to track online marketing, SEO, social media and other digital media

At Rapid Boost Marketing our team uses various tools in order to keep track and measure of Key Performance Indicators. We use different resources to help us with the execution of different campaigns  and different for tracking purposes. Before you start your online marketing campaign go over this list of tools which will help you get…

Dealership PPC

Overcome common obstacles for your Auto PPC Campaign & Things to Ask before hiring an agency

A dealership that isn’t making the most out of their PPC campaign is making a mistake. Running a successful PPC campaign is no easy task. Even though once you set it, it will work on its own, it requires constant attention if it is to be successful. Your dealership PPC campaign needs to capitalize on…

SEO Optimization

Analyze your Analytics and Open new SEO Opportunities

Analytics is your SEO weighing scale. It tells you how effective your SEO strategy is, and if you are able to achieve your objectives. Add to that, analytics is not only a litmus test for your SEO strategy, but also gives you vital insight into the behavior of your customers. It can reaffirm something you…

Conversion rate optimization

5 techniques to improve customer conversion

No matter how much effort you put into your SEO, it will be pointless if you fail to convert your visitors. Once your website gets a visitor, he needs to be nudged to convert. ‘Convert’ can mean different things depending on your business and online objectives. It can be to get the visitor to register…

Retargeting and ecommerce

Retargeting Statistics

  In this infographic we have highlighted the importance of re-targeting. Re-targeting if done right can yield great results for clients. It increases the conversion ratio by over 70% through precise targeting. Not only it re-engages potential customers but also it has shown to increase branded searches and awareness among potential customers. Here is a…

SEO Canada

How to get your paid search marketing on track? + Infographic on Re-targeting versus Adwords

While you are trying to rise up the SEO rank and get your links onto the first page of search results, you can start with paid marketing search. Paid search marketing allows you to appear as an ad using various keyword combinations. If your ads are not getting featured enough, users aren’t clicking on it,…

Edmonton web Design

5 ways you can create an authority website

5 ways you can create an authority website   When you build an authority website, your site becomes the go-to place for that information. For example, if you want to read some inspirational quotes, Zen Pencils is the place to go, or if you want funny, interesting and informative reviews on cars, Top Gear is…