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Google+ statistics 2014 – Most important Social Media Channel for Search Marketing

Google+ is proving to be one of the most important social media channels for brands and organizations in 2014. Google+ play a very important role in the search rankings and local search results. Google have now combined maps, reviews, google+ page etc. under My business section. Now you can manage your Google presence more effectively…

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SEO is an ongoing process – monitor it effectively with this checklist

One of the certain ways to push boundaries with your business is to ensure that it gets noticed online. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to achieve high search results ranking, but getting to the top is only half the deal. The other part of the struggle involves staying there, and it keeps…

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What does the ‘close variants’ option on Adwords mean?

AdWords has always been an effective tool for any marketing strategy and¬†Google’s latest announcement¬†brings AdWords’ Close Variant Matching to the forefront. Anyone using close variant matching won’t have the same options as before. Before going deeper into Close Variant Matching, let’s take a closer look at what it is. What is Close Variant Matching? Close…

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Canadians love Google & other search engines – Search Engine Marketing statistics 2014.

  Over 90% of online experiences for Canadian’s start from search engines (Google & Bing). In the awareness stage Canadians look for products and services on Google & Bing. The first and the last touch points for Canadians is also search engines (Google & Bing). Search engines are becoming very important for for businesses and…


Infographic – International Search Marketing 2014

International search marketing is growing very fast. People look for products, services and other vital information on search engines. Businesses need to realize that if they want to gain the trust and become a preferred brand than they have to be present when prospective clients look for them. Companies with international clients have to pay…