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Soft Points that boost your SEO Rankings

There is plenty of focus on on-page factors in order to improve your SEO rank, however you are probably missing out on soft factors that have an influence on your website’s SEO rank too. It is easier to focus on on-page factors because they give you definite results. Soft factors can come in handy if…

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SEO tips for an e-commerce website

If you are running an e-commerce site, then SEO optimization is more important than ever. Without good traffic, you won’t be able to have good sales and your business will substantially suffer.    As an e-commerce company you face two main challenges: – Getting a brand name out there: You want the world to know…

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Stay one step ahead of your competitors with a blog

Blogging is a powerful tool that has to be a part of your SEO arsenal. A blogging strategy will get you noticed on the web and give you a one up on your competitors. The beauty of blogging is that you add another voice to your business. Your main website deals with sales, discounts and…

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10 Quick Steps for your SEO Checklist + 30 Advanced Steps

A checklist is great for checking that you got the right steps done and haven’t missed out on anything. Search Engine Optimization is quite complex and you need to avoid major blunders in pushing your website up the SEO rank. A SEO checklist is a perfect way to ensure you haven’t missed out anything. Instead…

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Do you know your audience or potential customer?

If you do not know your online audience, then your online marketing and SEO strategies will fail. It is as simple as that. There are many business leaders who dive into marketing their product with assumptions on who their customer is. You can’t afford to make that mistake. Just as a shop store is the…

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Why content marketing is important for online marketing success

When over 90% of Canadians search on Google and Bing they look for credible and reliable information. Also, Google and Bing rank original content higher which provides good value to it’s searchers. Canadians want to read and probe before they want to make a buying decision. In the early awareness stage potential customers look for information which…

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1 position on search results get over 1/3 of total keyword traffic

Ranking on Google and Bing only matters when it is bringing you qualified traffic and you are converting those prospects into customers. Click through rates, conversions etc. are all important KPI’s you need to be aware of. Here is an infographic to help you understand why being on the first page is so important to…