SEO Puzzle Solved

The SEO Puzzle Solved – Infographic

In this infographic we want to help those who want to execute basic SEO strategies on their website. This will outline major areas you need to focus on and make sure these things are implemented properly in order to see results and rankings from search engines. These are few important KPI’s which will determine your website’s…

Search marketing success

Map to Search Engine Marketing Success – Infographic

Search engines success comes when you follow proper guidelines. Make sure these 8 important areas are part of your search marketing strategy. Make sure you closely follow search engine updates from Google and Bing on regular basis. They often outline what they expect from websites in order to rank higher. Search engine marketing have to…

Website link structure for SEO

Re-think your URLs for better search hits

Your URL is a link and it influences the query results of a search engine. An URL is a ranking signal. It tells the search engine various things about the page and the content it contains. For example: tells the search engine on which website the article is. Keywords like ‘boost your…

Don’t give search volume more attention

Don’t give search volume more attention than it deserves

Are you giving too much focus to your search volume for your keyword optimization? Depending on how much is too much, you may be doing the wrong thing and hurting your SEO rank. Even some marketing professionals still use it as their go-to metrics to find keywords that work. But, the fact is that Google…

content marketing startegy edmonton

How do you really know if your content is good quality?

That good quality content will serve in more than one ways to increase traffic to your website cannot be stressed enough. However, many are often confused trying to decipher what good content is. If you don’t know what this entails, it can be intimidating to find ways to improve your site’s content or judge if…

Ethical SEO

What professionals are afraid to tell you about SEO

There is no denying how important online marketing is for a business. The best way to get noticed on the internet is only if your site is ranked in one of the top search results for the relevant keywords. While many bloggers, SEO gurus and marketing agencies will claim to be able to improve your…

Search Engine optimization Edmonton

Improve your SEO using Twitter

A micro blogging platform is the quickest and easiest way for you to gain attention for your business. Twitter is one of the most popular platforms in this region which allows you to propagate your business in pithy and focused tweets. It has a large network which gives you a huge audience to build your…